Restaurants and Hotels Hoping to Benefit From the Olympics

Many businesses, not only those businesses based in the capital, are seeing the London Olympics 2012 by as an opportunity, especially in the current economic climate.

Many businesses, particularly those in the catering and hospitality industries in attractive parts of the country within easy reach of London, are hoping to welcome visitors from overseas who may use the occasion to explore the attractions further afield.

Kent, East Anglia and the West Country are just a few of the most obvious ones. Many have an abundant history, attractive countryside, crafts and arts on offer as well as restaurants and hotels offering excellent regional and international food.

It is also possible that some visitors will be in the country seeking out business opportunities and looking for partners to supply products or services. That means local businesses may also want to host and impress visitors and are likely to want to showcase the hospitality and facilities in their localities.

This all suggests opportunities not only for restaurants and hotels but also for conference centres and a key element will be the catering in these establishments.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has produced a document looking at the potential risks that host venues may need to take precautions against and the booklet of advice can be downloaded from its website.

One of the most obvious issues with catering is cleanliness of commercial kitchens. The booklet advises that mass gatherings, such as Olympic events, amplify the potential of food borne disease outbreaks because of the increased levels of food production and transportation that are required to meet the demands of venues, hotels and food stores.

At previous events there have been instances of food borne diseases at major sporting events including an outbreak of salmonella enteritis during a Junior World Rowing Championships in Poland in 1995 and during the 1992 Barcelona Games, emergency departments reported an increased number of cases of food borne illness.

The HSE advises that preparation should be meticulous and food safety monitoring should be enhanced both before and during major sporting events.

Cleanliness is plainly a major part in preparation and one obvious step for those facilities hoping to benefit from the arrival of Olympic visitors to take is to have thorough kitchen deep cleaning carried out by a commercial kitchen cleaning company.

A well-equipped professional company with the proper tools and well-trained personnel will do a thorough top to bottom cleaning job and provide a certificate once the job is done. Most of all it will provide those businesses hoping to benefit from next year’s games with the peace of mind that they have prepared as thoroughly as possible to give their visitors the best possible experience.


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